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My Hr Storage

The power of My HR Storage

Your Solution to Simplify the Complex World of Human Resources


Designed to assist small to medium sized companies with HR administration and talent management, especially when HR is not handled by a full time person or department

Easy and intuitive to use


Fewer spreadsheets, more reporting capabilities, improved communication, fewer errors

Prevents delays in Onboarding – get an employee engaged with

your organization sooner Speed up the work of manual processes – spend more time on strategic work


Utilize the information in the system to help you maintain compliance such as safety and licensing

Track required notifications sent to employees such as SPD’s

Built in to the system is access to HR360, an online compliance encyclopedia full of HR information to keep you up to date and answer questions


Create customizable folders to store information in an organized manner and access it quickly

Grant access rights to the Employer only, or you can share the information with all employees (for example, store your HR Policy and Procedure Manual here)

Streamline your company's HR tasks and much more.


Facilitates communication between you, the employee and the benefit agent by providing a resource that is easy to use which means fewer phone calls to you

Share information to employees electronically via email alerts


Utilize the system to run reports and export information to retrieve the data you need to make business decisions such as turnover and compensation statistics


The intranet is built into the system and can be customized by you

Add apps to the home screen connecting to other resources such as payroll or time and attendance software

Grant access to employees to view information such as the employee handbook, policies, benefit literature, etc.


Use the system to streamline processes such as Employee Onboarding, performance management, training records, and employee separation

Employees are granted self-service access to their information at home.


Employees can view information such as training and performance records

Employees can update their demographic and emergency contact information

You will receive an electronic notification if the employee makes a change to their information


Employees can view their elected benefits at home anytime

They can also view benefit literature that you have shared with them through the employee portal


Information is hosted in a reliable and secure cloud-based system accessible anywhere by you, the employee and benefit agent

Logins are password protected and you can grant secure access to others in your company


The system is not cost prohibitive and paves the way for you to migrate to a human resource management system

You can quickly see a return on your investment


Implementation occurs in less than a week with a dedicated implementation specialist who guides you every step along the way


It is important to have access to a person when technical questions arise

Our technical support is US based and included in the cost


Reduce data entry errors: less duplicative data entry needed

Prevent insurance billing errors: correct eligibility for dependents, insurance cards get sent to the correct home address, terminated employees are not covered by your insurance